MashUp add-on for XBMC

Today I will talk about MashUp add-on, as I believe it is one of the best, more diversified and must have add-ons out there that one can get for their XBMC setup.

MashUp contains a bit of everything. It’s an add-on that comes with a lot of sub-add-ons, if you want, that all put together give you a great choice of content to watch on your XBMC.

Content varies from Live TV, from all over the world and from all the networks you can think of, down to on demand content, such as HD movies and even 3D movies.

As usual, you would need to play around a bit and see what content best matches your preferences and then simply add that content or list of content into your favourites list for easy access later on.

What I like about MashUp though is that it is regularly updated. This means that if certain streams do not work one day, you will soon receive an update that will most probably resolve the issue. It seems that there is a pretty good team developing and supporting the add-on.

I should also mention that the MashUp add-on can be found, these days, on a different site than where it used to be and this is under the xfinity server.

Happy watching.

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30 Responses

  1. Site Admin says:

    xfinitytalk is down and mashup app isn’t working on my setups…

  2. Taquila says:

    I thought it was just something wrong with my ATV……My mash up application is missing and I can’t seem to add it back on because I don’t see no repository.

  3. daz says:

    Uk mashup fix any ideas

  4. Cristian says:

    Hi I just installed xfinity and I can’t find mashup repository

  5. osama123 says:

    Any update on the mash up? I cant find it also

  6. Gray says:

    Where do I type the link in if I’m using an android tv box? Cheers

  7. Cristian says:

    Thanx admin

  8. Gray says:

    That’s great, thanks

  9. may says:

    hi ,my arabic live stream on mashup, not working, it is giving a error message (, pls help me to fix it
    thank u

  10. yamou says:

    ihave problem with my arabic live steam

  11. Aleisha says:

    I want to add mash up on my woxter android box, how do I do that?

  12. Donna says:

    As MashUp is not working anymore, any suggestions of other plugins that are good as well?

  13. jack says:

    We have to get Mashup back online; it is so great that no other app can replace. The present 13.2 version is choppy on TV streaming versus Mashup Tv streaming; it has to come back or the whole thing is going down the drain. Thank you! (Nov16-2014)

  14. jack says:

    It’s me again; you guys have to figure out why is every stream choppy with kodi live TV apk. Un-watcheable! We need a fix!

  15. yvonne says:

    My kido says source website down what does that mean

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