Greek TV on XBMC

It seems that the Greeks have done it again and XBMC is no exception. The Greek XBMC community, which seems to be alive and kicking,  is quite advanced and so far have proved to publish some of the most well established XBMC add-ons.

To be more specific, Greek TV add-ons are found under the Lambda repository and from what we have seen have undergone an update recently. Some of the most notable add-ons to install on your XBMC, if you are interested in watching Greek TV, are Hellenic TV, Hellenic Player and Hellenic TV Guide. If you install these add-ons you will be more than covered for getting a lot of TV content from Greece.

To be exact, you can use Hellenic TV Guide for all your EPG needs for Greece based channels. The awesome thing about the Hellenic TV Guide add-on is that it comes preconfigured on installation, meaning you do not have to configure channels against EPG entries. Clicking on an entry in the guide will immediately open the respective channel. The add-on seems to be based on the more generic TV Guide add-on for XBMC.

Hellenic TV is your major source for Greek TV content. Once you install the add-on you will be able to watch a whole list of live Greek TV stations, based in Athens and the rest of Greece.

Last but not least, the Hellenic Player add-on is a more complete version of the Hellenic TV add-on, offering not only live TV streams, but also categorised on-demand content. Using this add-on can help you enjoy your favourite TV series when you wish.

As already mentioned, for all Greek TV XBMC add-ons you need to use the Lambda repository, which can be found under the fusion source.

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