The internet in numbers and what happened in 2012

The internet is everywhere by now and used by many people around the world. In fact, the internet is part of our everyday lives, so much that Twitter and Facebook have become household words. But let’s see some interesting facts about the internet and what happened in it and around it during the year of 2012, as compiled by Pingdom.

According to Pingdom, there have been 2.2 billion emails users in 2012, worldwide and the daily email traffic around the globe was 144 billion emails. Now this is the very interesting part, 68.8% of all the email traffic was spam! Just imagine how much money is wasted on spam, including the efforts to avert this.

On the numbers of internet users now, there have been 2.4 billion internet users worldwide, with 1.1 billion users coming from Asia and 565 million coming from China, which is the biggest number for any country alone.

Internet, Internet users, 2012, Internet 2012

Internet users in 2012

In social media now, the average age of a Facebook user was 40.5 years old in 2012. This is mad. I would expect the average age to be between 20 and 25. It seems that the older crowd have become avid internet users by now, which is something we like. The average age of a Twitter user was 37.3 years old (again not expected).

There were 2.7 billion likes on Facebook everyday in 2012 and 175 million tweets were sent out daily and a total number of 123 heads of states had a Twitter account.

On the global desktop web browser market it seems that Chrome lead the way with a share of 36.4%, with Internet Explorer following with a share of 30.8%. Opera had a share of only 1.3%.

Browsers, Browser market share, Browsers 2012

Browser market share 2012

For more interesting facts and numbers on the internet for 2012 head to the Pingdom blog.

Source/Images: Pingdom

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