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The cloud is playing a great role in our lives, more than it did a few years back. And whether we like it or not we all have multiple cloud accounts that serve a purpose or two each. From Facebook to Google Drive, to Evernote. The problem is how to keep track of all these cloud accounts or better organize them.

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CloudKafe categories

This is where CloudKafe jumps in. This is yet another web application, from the many out there, that attempt to assist you in controlling and better manage your cloud based documents, music and contatcs (and more) from a single place.

To start with, CloudKafe supports an impressive number of cloud services, including Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive and SkyBox.

To gain access to CloudKafe you first need to sign-up for an account. Alternatively you can log in with your Facebook account.

After you are done with your sign-up and you gain access to CloudKafe, you will be taken into the central page of the web application, which features six categories of media, each represented by a circle. These categories are Documents, Pictures, Videos, Notes, Contacts and Music.

Under each of these categories you can have media coming from your various cloud accounts, with the difference that you will now be able to access these centrally from within CloudKafe.

Hovering over each of the categories (circles) will cause the services that are available under the category to appear. The greyed out ones are not active. The plus icon can be pressed to activate any one of these services, i.e. to associate your respective cloud account with CloudKafe.

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CloudKafe services

All of your cloud content that can be accessed from within CloudKafe can be shared with your friends via email, plus you can organize it around your various accounts using the easy-to-use interface of the web appalication.

Cloudkafe is not something new or a one of its kind web application. What makes it stand out though is how easy it presents all your cloud accounts in one place and how easy it is to connect these to CloudKafe.

To access CloudKafe go here.

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