Instabridge WiFi client

Instabridge WiFi client is an application for sharing your WiFi network with your friends, with the aim of having the convenience of using each other’s WiFi networks and extending the areas that you have internet access via WiFi.

For example, if you use Instabridge and your friend does as well, you can choose to share your WiFi network on Instabridge and then share it with your friend. When your friend visits you at your home he or she will automatically log onto your network via Instabrigde. This eliminates the need to share your password on a piece of paper and automates the whole process for your friend who will gain acccess to your network once he is in range.

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Instabridge app

You could say that this is like a social network for WiFi sharing, which actually has the tangible benefit of WiFi access.

The network password, SSID, BSSID are all synchronised on your friend’s device so he can gain access, however, the network details are not visible to your friend during the normal operation of his device, according to Instabridge.

What I like most about this aplication is that I can easily share my network with someone that comes to my place without revealing my network’s password.

The app is available for Android on Google Play.

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