Google Keep is here

Google has launched its very own note taking app called Google Keep, something that I believe was actually missing from the Google set of web applications. As expected, this is a cloud application and it aims in helping you taking notes while using your mobile device or laptop and desktop computers.

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Google Keep

With Google Keep you can actually type in a note, create a checklist of items, take a voice note or even take a photo and annotate it. Your note is of course saved on your Google account and can be later retrieved from wherever you have web access, just like your Gmail.

One of the things I like about Google Keep is the color coding that you can use for your notes. You can actually choose what color your different notes will have, helping you to easily categorize these and identify them later.

Notes can also be archived, just like your email, by swiping them downwards (if using your mobile phone). You can of course search for any note using the search functionality offered, including the archived notes.

Lastly the mobile version of Google Keep lets you choose whether to view your notes in one column or more. This presents your notes in a tile arrangement making it easier to browse through them and find what you are seeking.

I think I have now found a good replacement for Evernote and a perfect note integration tool for my Google account.

The Google Keep application is available for download on Google Play.

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