Fancy as in dicover, collect and buy

Are you familiar with Fancy (or The Fancy)? I only came across it a few weeks back and it has always been on my to-explore-more networks for a while now; and today I got the chance to do so.

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Fancy is nothing more than a social network, but with a product twist. You can browse a huge catalogue of crowd curated goods and see amazing places you can go to and stores you can shop from. All of the things that you browse and like you can buy right from within the Fancy website. So you can basically end up buying a good, down to planning your vacation.

Apparently Fancy has a crowd of over 3 million, who all share their own taste on goods and products, bringing you all the latest in product trends from all over the world.

Fancy also lets you subscribe to Fancy Box for $39 USD, which means you will be receiving, on a monthly basis, a Fancy box at your house with all sort of Fancy’d goodies; items that are mostly Fancy’d and curated by users on the network. The box will actually include, according to Fancy, products worth $80 USD plus. (More like a kinder surprise box on a monthly basis).

Overall, the Fancy network is a cross between Pinterest and Google+. The website is pretty clean and easy to use. It brings an unimaginable array of products right at your fingertips and best of all, you can see the actual price on the items; which allows you to set your budget and choose to buy it or not.

The products on Fancy are split in categories such as Art, Food, Gadgets, Pets, etc but can also be browsed based on brands and stores, or even based on sales and deals.

For sure Fancy will be on our often used networks for gift browsing or simply for inspiration and window shopping. :)

Fancy can be accessed from here.

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