Choosing your network router

One of the things that should be on your to-do list when setting up a network for your home is to research and buy the correct router that will cover your network needs.

DLink, router

DLink router

There are so many brands out there and so many options that makes it difficult to decide on the best choice. However, I will concentrate on two features that you migth want to consider when choosing your network router (other than speed).

The first feature is the setup of a guest network. Let’s assume that you have setup your home network and everyhting works fine. A friend visits one day, though, and he asks you for interent access while visiting. What do you do?

You might think that everything is fine and you go ahead handing out your wireless netwrok password. Wouldn’t you feel better though to give out a password that you can easily change without affecting the whole setup in your house?

This is where guest zone setup comes in. A lot of routers, now, have a feature that allows you to setup a separate interent zone, completely different from your regular network. This means that you can accommodate your guests, friends, etc into these network for the time they need access to the internet.

If you want to change the password of the guest zone afterwards, the change will not affect any of your devices, since these would work with your regular netwrok and not the guest zone. Therefore, this is a must-have feature for your (new) router.

The second feature that I would look for in a router would be that it has remote access capabilities. Such a feature would allow you to remotely connect, via your router, to your home network and control the same.

To take it a step further, such a capability, would allow you to add, for example, a couple of IP-cameras into your netwok and you could then easily have a way to monitor your home when away-from-home, making sure that everything is in place.

Usually, such a router functionality is accompanied by mobile apps that alow you to easily access your network, even in the absence of a computer; making it even easier to monitor your network or house when on the go.

So there you have it, two features that could easily determine your purchase of a new network router.

D-Link is an example company that offers a wide range of routers having the features mentioned above.


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