Best XBMC add-ons (starter add-ons)

I promised a list of the best XBMC add-ons so here you have it. The add-ons listed here are purely selected on a personal preference and cover both content and setup functionalities. So here you have four starter add-ons your XBMC setup should not be without.


This is a must have add-on for the sports fan in you. Get this add-on and you will not regret it. It has a huge list of live, as well as recorded content from every sport you can imagine. From football, to tennis, down to Formula 1.

The add-on can be found under the mash2k3 repository.

XBMC, Sports, Sports-a-Holic, XBMC sports

Sports-A-Holic add-on

Project Free TV

Project Free TV add-on is perfect for those that want to have an abundance of movies and series available for watching. You can search for the movie you want and it will be available, no doubt. You can also watch your favourite sitcom or crime series, any season. Just search for it and it will be on Project Free TV.

The ad-on can be found under the Eldorado repository.

Project Free TV, XBMC, XBMC series, movies

Project Free TV add-on

Keymap editor

This is a life-saver. If you are running XBMC on a box sitting next to your TV set and you are controlling the box using a keyboard remote control, then this add-on is more than valuable. Using this you can change XBMC’s keymap allowing you to allocate keys on your keyboard to specific actions you want to run on your XBMC box.

For example, you can allocate a key press for opening the favourites list in XBMC. No searching through menus anymore.

The add-on can be found under the repository.

Keymap, XBMC, XBMC add-on

Keymap Editor add-on

XBMC Subtitles

This is another add-on that is a must have and can add another level of convenience to your XBMC installation. Imagine that you want to watch a movie and you need subtitles. Well look no further. With the XBMC subtitles add-on, you can instantly search for subtitles from a variety of websites, right from within XBMC.

Simply click on the Download subtitles icon in XBMC and then the add-on will give you a list of all subtitle files that match the movie or show you want to watch. Just select one and you will be good to go. That easy.

The add-on is available through the repository.

XBMC, XBMC subtitles, XBMC add-on

XBMC subtitles add-on

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2 Responses

  1. john says:

    I avoided having to even mess with figuring out how to add XBMC add ons buy getting a SkystreamX. It came with XBMC 12.2 Frodo already installed and all of the good Add Ons were already preloaded onto the box. Great product. Plug and Play.

    Android TV Box

    • admin says:

      I would agree with your approach, but at some point I would find it more useful to be able to configure the box myself. This way I can install whatever I need the way I need it. :)

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