Viber for Windows is here

The Viber app has been until recent months a favourite of iPhone users and more recently the application has hit the Android platform. Now the Viber app goes a step further with the Viber for Windows version (and Mac).

Now, whatever you have been doing using your mobile phone and Viber, you will be able to also do right from your desktop. Using Viber for Windows or Mac you will be able to send free chat messages and make free calls to other Viber users, irrespective of the device they are using or the network they are on or the place they are at.

You will also be able to launch video calls with other Viber users, send photo messages in addition to the text messages and launch group Viber conversations.

The best part is that Viber will sync your contacts, messages and call history among your devices; i.e. the desktop and your mobile phone for instance. Viber for Windows will also give you the ability to transfer calls from one device to another, where Viber is also installed. This is a handy feature if you need to let’s say hang-up on the desktop and use the mobile phone for moving around the house.

To use the new desktop version of Viber you do not need to register. You only need to download the application on your PC and simply give your phone number. You will then be set to go.

The first thing that I can make of this latest evolution of Viber is that the application and the company behind it seem eager to take on to rival chatting applications, notably Skype and WhatsApp, who have recently seen an explosion in their user numbers.

Even though Viber has come the opposite way from Skype, i.e. from the mobile to the desktop, I believe that Viber’s move was more than right. Expanding to the desktop will not only offer convenience to existing users but will most probalbly gain more users for the application and gain some of the market from Skype. At the same time WhatsApp will be left on its own in the mobile world only.

Having said the above, the only thing missing from Viber now is a solid support for mobile data, i.e. be able to send messages to other Viber users over a mobile data network, something that WhatsApp offers and does quite well.

You can download Viber for Windows from the Viber website, for free.

Image: Viber

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