Samsung Galaxy Note II not pushing emails after latest Jelly Bean update

Samsung Galaxy Note II is a hell of a phone and I have used it a lot and was impressed both by its size and performance; both leaving me with the best of impressions.

After the latest Android update from Samsung, however, the emails will not automatically sync emails even when the Auto-syn data option is chosen in the phone’s settings.

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Samsung Galaxy Note II

This means that the only way to actually receive your emails is to manually open the email application, e.g. Gmail and only then the emails will start downloading. Email pushing gone out of the window.

This is annoying to say the least, because one of the best features a smartphone can have these days is to automatically let know you of incoming mail, giving you a heads up of what is sitting in your inbox.

I have tried every single setting on the phone but with no success of resolving the issue. In fact, the issue also exists for the WhatsApp application. Messages that are sent from friends are not instantly delivered on the Galaxy Note, but only after opening and going into the WhatsApp application.

After researching on the issue I found out that this is a common problem for the Samsung Galaxy Note II that occurred after the latest Android Jelly Bean update and that this is a problem experienced by many Note owners out there.

Let’s hope that Samsung will rectify the issue soon enough, because as it stands now the phone has lost a lot of its usability.

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