Greenify is an essential app cleaner for rooted Android phones

How many times did you catch yourself trying to kill off those applications running in the background and which you did not start in the first place, on your Android phone? I have, plenty of times. Well no more.

The Greenify application for Android will now take care of all these bad behaving applications. The only prerequisite for using it is to have a rooted Android system, phone or tablet.

Once installed, Greenify will find those apps that keep running in the background, even when you are not using them. Essentially it will put them into hibernation, preventing them from consuming valuable processing power and battery.

The misbehaving applications will not run when Greenify is on, unless you explicitly start them or another application does. When the applications run in the foreground they preserve their full functionality as normal.

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Greenify your apps

This is a life saver to be honest, especially when using the sync function on an Android device. Once you try to sync it looks like every single app on the system tries to claim some processing power to do its own thing, leaving you at times with an underperforming phone.

Greenify allows you to select what to “greenify” as well, meaning that you can exclude certain applications from hibernating. Such applications could be alarm clock apps and instant messaging apps, which you might consider vital.

The application requires a background cleaner process of its own to run and hibernate the greenified applications that you are not using. In general, though, this is a lightweight application having an average RAM footprint of only 3MB, while it consumes minimum battery and processor power.

If you have a rooted device then I totally recommend Greenify. It is available on Google Play.

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