Force move apps to SD with DroidSail

I like keeping my Android phone in tip-tp condition so I always look out for good applications that help me do just that and one of them is DroidSail, which I came across just today.

Whenever I install applications I try to move them to my phone’s external SD card, this way keeping my phone’s internal memory as free as possible so that the memory can be used for applications at runtime and for more critical situations. I achieve this using the App2SD Android application.

DroidSail, move apps to SD


There are some applications, though, that cannot be moved from your phone’s memory and onto your SD card, even by Apps2SD. And this is a bummer since when these applications are used they might keep collecting more and more data, eating away your available memory and making it harder for your phone to handle running applications.

DroidSail can save your day though. I should first say that a rooted phone is required for DroidSail to do its job. Once installed, you can select any application from the list of installed apps, on your phone’s internal memory and ¬†throw it onto your SD card. I did this just today with Flipboard, Google Keep, Facebook and Google Chrome.

All of the above applications were eating a lot of my phone’s memory and every now and then I had to clear the apps’ data to regain some of the memory back. Voila.

DroidSail is available on Google Play and is free for download. The only catch is that the application has ads in it. The Pro and paid version of the application is free of ads. You should check it out.

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