Auto-update Android apps

If you are an Android user, then you should know that there is a way to auto-update Android apps on your device. This is a convenient function and saves you from the trouble of updating applications manually, which can be time-consuming.

The auto-update functionality assumes that you are using the Google Play application, on your Android device.

To auto-update Android apps just follow the below steps:

  1. On your Android device, click on Google Play.
  2. Once your Google Play application opens, you should bring up the menu available in the application.
  3. One of the available options in the (right-click) menu of Google Play app, is Settings.
  4. Click  on Settings.
  5. All available settings in Google Play will now be in front of you.
  6. Under the General section there is an option that reads Auto-update apps.
  7. Click on Auto-update apps.
  8. A new pop-up window will appear and will give you three options.
Android apps, Auto-update apps, Google Play

Auto-update Android apps

    • Do not auto-update apps (which will be pre-selected)
    • Auto-update apps at any time. Data charges may apply.
    • Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only 

Out of the three options you should select the last one, Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only. This option will allow your Android device to auto-update your installed applications without incurring any data charges, since it will only use data over an available Wi-Fi network.

The second option Auto-update apps at any time should be used with care, since this means that the auto-update function will update apps even over a regular data network, which will consume mobile data and incur charges.

Another thing to consider at this point is that you cannot specify an auto-upate day or time. This means that your device might become busy with auto-updating at a time that you need it the most.

Therefore, if your phone for example does not have enough processing power or memory, then I would not recommend using the function, since this might degrade the device’s performance.

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