Boosting Android memory and performance

I am an Android user myself and you could say I am a  power user. I download a lot of apps on my phone or tablet and basically I spend a lot of time testing them and trying them out. I often notice, though, that the performance of my mobile phone or tablet quickly degrades after a while.

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Performance falls because the device memory gets full of all the applications and the data they save over time. And because, memory has of course its limits.

A lot of people recommend that you restart your phone every now and then, just to clear the memory and give your phone the breathing space it needs. I like this quick fix, but it is sometimes annoying, especially when you need your phone or tablet for immediate use.

I would instead recommend something else, as a first tip. You could use an app manager application such as App 2 SD, which can help you better manage your phone’s available memory and transfer a lot of your applications onto your SD card (assuming you have one on your phone or tablet).

The good think about an application such as App 2 SD is that it shows you which of your applications, installed directly on your phone memory, can be transferred onto your SD. This would essentially free valuable phone memory that could be used for other important tasks of the device.

I try to keep the apps installed on my phone memory to a minimum. it should be noted here that if an app is moved to your SD card, it would be prevented from running any widgets it might have available.

The second tip for maintaing your phone memory in tip-top shape would be to often clear the cache of data that various apps accumulate through time. Google Chrome, for example, seems to be keeping a huge data cache on the phone’s built-in memory and cleaning it with App 2 SD, which also has a cache cleaner available, frees a lot of the much needed memory.

Therefore, moving apps to your SD card, off the phone’s memory and cleaning your cache could well improve your phone’s or tablet’s perfromance and give it the needed boost.

App2SD and its Pro version is available on Google Play.

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