Valentine’s Day special Swatch edition

Saint Valentine’s Day is around the corner…in te days to be exact. And like many companies out there, Swatch has released its 2013 special edition merchandise (a watch) to celebrate this day.

Valentines Day

Swatch A La Folie


The watch goes by the (model) name A la Folie GZ281 and it is predominantly made out of white plastic, the material used for both the wrist band and the main watch part.

The face of the watch allows a heart-shaped see-through view of the watch’s internal parts, which are mostly silver and red/pink in color.

The watch is water-resistant, as many if not all of the Swatch watches and comes in an accompanying round pink case that has a white heart on it.

I am not sure if this is a suitable gift for anyone, but if you are Valentine’s Day fanatic then you might want to consider this. The again think to whom you will be giving this to, as it is pretty girly and not just for everyone. :)

Of course, this is a must have item for all Swatch fans out there, who want to add more of Swatch’s pieces into their collection.

The watch comes at a price of approximately¬†‚ā¨55 and can be purchased online at one of Swatch’s online stores.


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