Djs and technology

I’ve read some weeks back on the internet what kind of things people miss in the age we live in, where a lot of technological advancements have replaced common everyday things we used to do manually in the past. I will add here my experience about a dj I saw playing in some bar over the weekend.

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Dj at work

I am not that old to start with, but this dj was only using a laptop to play his music. He could have at least use the laptop along with some digital turntables.

The bar he was playing in is one of the most famous in the city and yet this guy could not give a rat’s ass of the impression he was making to the crowd and he was definitely not concerned about the vibe he was passing onto the crowd.

You see, with many things that have ben replaced by technology or have changed over time because of technology, the passion has also been lost or definitely part of it. And this dj was no exception to the rule. The guy was simply pre-selecting the songs to be played next and then he was running out of the booth to socialize in some other room of the bar/club. How lame.

This is definitely a thing I miss from the old times, where the dj was actually trying to have fun with the crowd, understand the crowd and actually try to control their mood, dragging them into happiness or whatever other feelings one could have from listening to music.

Technology or not, we should make sure that we put our passion into whatever we do, otherwise we might end up loosing ourselves into technology.

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