How to disable Facebook chat in Skype

I think Skype is one of the best chat, caling and video calling applications out there, however, it bugs me that once you enable Facebook chat for Skype then there is no evident way to disable Facebook chat. Well, I did some research and found the answer on The Skype Community.

If you want to disable Facebook chat in Skype, then you need to follow these simple steps:

1. First of all you need to log into your Facebook account, as you would usually do via your web browser.

2. You should then go to your Facebook account settings.

3. Once you have navigated to your Facebook account settings, click on Applications. This will reveal all the applications that interact with your Facebook account. And Skype shoud be one of them.

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Facebook apps

4. After you locate the Skype entry, in the list of apps, you can choose the option Remove Facebook Access Chat. This will disable the Facebook chat from within Skype.

It is unfortunate that you have to log into Facebook itself to disable Facebook chat. I wish the Skype team, or in fact Microsoft, can soon provide for an easy way for disabling the chat from within Skype itself for true and seamless intgration.

Source/Image: The Skype Community

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