Oscars 2013 infographic

The Oscars 2013 are here and predictions are flying high as to who will win what. And what best way to find out from what people are saying online in all the social media.

Meltwater group have, for the past month, been tracking all the preferences that users have expressed over their choice for best movie, actor and best director on the various social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook and even blogs.

The company have then put together a preferences infographic showing the favourites and the lows for six of the most popular Oscar award categories.

In the infographic it seems that the tighter award category, at least for users/people out there, is that for best picture with Argo and Lincoln going face to face. (To be honest Argo is a favourite of mine).

Let’s see what tonight keeps in store for us and how close the infographic data matches the real results.

Oscars, Oscars 2013, Oscars infographic

Oscars 2013 infographic

Source: Mashable

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