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MiHome launcher from MIUI

MiHome is the launcher from MIUI, which is affiliated with the evolving mobile phone (and more) brand Xiaomi. MIUI is the custom Android ROM that you can find pre-installed on Xiaomi phones. The current version...

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Feature freeze for Kodi 14 aka Helix

We are super excited about the next version of XBMC, which is known as Kodi, will be in version 14.0 and is codenamed Helix. The Kodi development team have already announced a feature freeze, which...

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Denny Bike

This must be the most well-thought-design bicycle out there. Check out the video of the Denny Bike by Sizemore.   Image: Sizemore/Video: TechVehi

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DashClock for Android

DashClock is a powerful clock widget that can replace your Android lock screen and give you practically any notification you want. Dashclock comes preloaded with quite a few notifications such as for weather, Gmail,...

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Choosing audio stream in XBMC

In XBMC you might come along content that has more than one audio streams. This means that you might have the option to select the language for the audio that accompanies the video content....

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Microsoft OneDrive gets more space

Who says that OneDrive is not in the game of cloud storage? Microsoft has increased the storage capacity of its cloud platform to a great 15GB for all, for free, to make sure it...

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XBMC becomes Kodi from version 14

XBMC will have a new name from version 14 onwards and will be called Kodi. The full name will be Kodi Entertainment Center. The people (the developers) behind XBMC want to completely move away...