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Android TV Launcher

The Android TV Launcher is now available on the Google Play Store and has made it as a stand-alone app available for download, instead of an app that was until now only available only...

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James Bond script stolen

The script of the upcoming James Bond film Spectre has been stolen, according to emerging reports, as part of a hacker attack that targeted Sony Pictures. The news came up early Saturday morning when...

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TVAddons releases Phoenix add-on

The TVAddons website has announced a new add-on called Phoenix and the add-on is supposed to be the MashUp replacement that was considered, until recently, as one of the most widely used XBMC Kodi...

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YotaPhone 2 is coming

The second take of the YotaPhone has been announced for a release in December 2014 and this time around the YotaPhone 2 will be more advanced than its predecessor by sporting an e-ink touchscreen on...

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Best Apps of 2014 on Google Play

It’s the holiday season and the  end of the year is close, so as the best of the year lists begin popping-up Google released its Best Apps of 2014 on Google Play. We are...

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TVMC is a custom XBMC installation

TVMC is the next big thing from the guys over at TVAddons. TVMC is a custom XBMC build and the good thing about it is that it will handle the XBMC configuration for you. This means that...

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F-Secure VPN for Android

F-Secure is well-known for its security apps and practices and the F-Secure Freedome VPN for Android is an application you must try, if you want to secure your phone, computer, tablet, etc. I must...

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Whatsapp encryption is now in use

Whatsapp encryption is now in effect for text messages exchanged between Whatsap users, in an attempt to provide more security and more privacy to them while texting. The company helping implement Whatsapp encryption is called Open...

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Google Contributor for skipping the ads

It is a fact that most of the money funding websites, blogs and any other sort of internet existence comes from ads, but from now on Google Contributor will also be another source of...

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Arlo security camera

Netgear has evolved its security cameras and what we now know as the Vuezone security cameras will  be replaced by the Arlo. The Arlo, which will launch in mid-January 2015, uses the same basic...

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New Google Calendar

I have long been searching for a good calendar app for my Android phone, until I installed the all new Google Calendar. My previous choice was SolCalendar, which was amazing. However, I just wanted...

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MiniX Neo Z64 is coming

The next box from MiniX is the MiniX Neo Z64 and is due for release in late November, early December, 2014. You might think that this is just another box from MiniX but in...

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